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And Aphrodite is a bit unprepared for just how much attention one of her best friends is now receiving. Can Aphrodite put aside her jealousy and be happy for her friend? She lives in North Carolina and is online at JoanHolub. Suzanne Williams is a former elementary school librarian and the author of over seventy books for children, including the award-winning picture books Library Lil illustrated by Steven Kellogg and My Dog Never Says Please illustrated by Tedd Arnold , and several chapter book and middle grade series.

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Aphrodite The Beauty

Sign up and get a free eBook! Book 3 of Goddess Girls. Trade Paperback eBook. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Table of Contents Excerpt. About The Book. As she tucked her long golden hair, which was threaded with pink ribbons, behind her delicate ears, she was aware that every godboy in class was watching her.

Aphrodite The Beauty (Goddess Girls Book 3)

Lifting her chin, she smiled at one of the godboys. Because he was a centaur, and therefore part horse, he stood at the back of the room. With four legs, it was too difficult to sit in a chair. A few of the bolder godboys continued to gaze at her, however. Their adoration was plain to see. Ignoring them, Aphrodite reached into her bag and took out her Hero-ology textscroll. Took it for granted in fact. All her life, godboys had found her enchantingly beautiful. It seemed they had only to look at her to fall hopelessly in love.

It was just the way things were. Aphrodite glanced across the aisle at Athena, trying to get her attention. All week, the class discussions had centered around mortal maidens and youths. She wanted to ask if Athena had heard the intriguing rumors about a maiden on Earth who could run as swift as the wind, faster than any youth—or even beast.

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Before Aphrodite could call out to her, Medusa, who sat directly behind Athena, leaned across the aisle. Her head writhed with hissing green snakes instead of hair. Their tongues flicked in and out as she poked Aphrodite with one of her long green fingernails. It would only give Medusa another reason to poke fun at her. Probably with jokes about her needing lots of beauty sleep. Fortunately, before her snaky green nemesis could say anything more, Mr.

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As his humongous single eye swept the room, everyone fell silent. Yesterday their teacher had asked how much and what kind of help they thought gods should give to mortals they favored. Aphrodite, who enjoyed helping mortals in love, had hoped to talk about that, but the godboys in class had immediately steered the discussion toward weapons and war—topics that could never hold her interest for long. Reaching into her bag again, she pulled out her pink papyrus notepad and began to doodle little hearts all over the front with her favorite red feather pen.

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Cyclops cleared his throat. Now this was an engaging question! Poor Athena. Just wait until she experienced her first crush. As always, water dripped from it and him to puddle beneath his chair.

And which do you think contributes more to the survival of the human race? Cyclops beamed at her. Everyone, including Mr. Cyclops, automatically reached up to cover their ears. Pheme prides herself on knowing all the gossip at MOA. But when she is caught snooping, she is challenged to go a whole day without gossiping—and is put under a unique spell to make sure she doesn't. But when a mysterious stowaway hints that he is about to do something that could threaten the safety of the entire world, Pheme has to find a way to warn Principal Zeus.

Orpheus is a mortal rock god and charms all the girls at Mount Olympus Academy, especially with his latest song about the girl he loved and lost, Eurydice. He asks Persephone to help get her back from the Underworld.

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Cassandra is determined to help people make their own luck—but no one believes her prophecies. She is not even allowed to write the fortunes that go into the cookies her family sells at their Oracle-O Bakery. Determined to prove herself, Cassandra sends some special fortunes along to MOA. Her fortunes reverse, and the goddess girls are determined to find an answer. Athena plans to improve the Labyrinth for King Minos , but her efforts have unexpected results. When Principal Zeus asks Iris to fetch some magic water from the Underworld's River Styx , she discovers a new ability to travel by rainbow.

Soon everyone wants her to deliver their messages. Also, she wonders if her crush Zephyrus prefers her best friend, Antheia.

When Ares's sister Eris , the goddess of discord and strife, visits on his birthday, she brings a shiny golden apple trophy that reads, "For the fairest. Medusa develops the Midas touch , suddenly becoming able to turn objects into gold just by touching them.

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Gold, gold, everywhere! But when it is not just objects but food and even people that become golden, she realizes the dangers. Amphitrite, a mergirl in the Aegean Sea , has only one wish: to see the world. Unfortunately, unlike her sisters and other merpeople she cannot shapeshift her tail into legs to walk on land. When her twin sister Thetis is invited to join Poseidon in the Temple Games, Amphitrite takes her place.

She has fun and adventure during the Games, until Gaia , the goddess of the earth, and her sons the giants crash the party. Hestia, feeling unseen at Mount Olympus Academy, decides to become more noticeable. With help from Pheme, the goddess of gossip, and a godboy named Asca, she decides to step further.

Echo, a forest-mountain nymph, is new at the Academy and tries to fit in by imitating the cool girls.

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Calliope is full of clever ideas for enlivening the Academy. Pallas , the daughter of Triton , enrolls at the Academy. She is excited to see her old best friend of Athena, until she learns that Athena has made some new best friends at MOA. Medea uses her magic to help her friend Jason obtain the Golden Fleece. She does not want to attend the Academy, blaming Zeus for the loss of her father. Forthcoming [1]. Eleven-year-old Clotho , one of the Three Fates , wants to win the respect of unhappy mortals, even if it risks violating one of Zeus's strict rules. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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