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It was after his arrest and subsequent conviction that local authorities were able to apparently solve the majority of the 29 child murders that took place in the area. He still protests his innocence to this day. Along with two accomplices Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks , Corll would abduct and torture young boys that were lured to his apartment, then murdering and burying them in the surrounding rural areas.

Gacy was convicted of the rape and murder of some 33 young men during the years of and , most of which he buried underneath his own home. He was executed in , by lethal injection. Gacy managed to shock everyone when his crimes were uncovered, as he was a popular political and local figure at the time, living a seemingly normal life. The photo of Gacy here is of him with First Lady Rosalynn Carter, which proved to be somewhat embarrassing for the Secret Service when his crimes were uncovered. He would abduct runaways or prostitutes and murder them after sexually assaulting them.

Ridgeway was convicted in for murders that he had committed 20 years previously and this was down to a breakthrough in DNA evidence linking him to his victims. He would lead his victims out into deserted fields under false pretences, where he would then overpower, rape and murder them. After his capture in and then conviction in , he was sentenced to 2, years, with the possibility of parole in years. An American, starting around the late s to early s and the continuing on for as many as years, Stano picked up a number of hitch-hikers and young women, murdering them via shooting, stabbing or strangulation.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory killed over 600 young girls.

Apprehended in , he was sentenced to life in prison until his execution by the electric chair in Florida, A sexual deviant, Chikatilo was only able to achieve orgasm by stabbing and slashing his victims, rather than outwardly raping them. Active from the late s, all the way through to the very early s, he was apprehended and interrogated by police and sentenced to death, a sentence which was carried out in by a gunshot to the head.

Krenwinkel is still serving time in a California prison for her seven murder convictions. According to authorities, Barraza would pretend to be a nurse or social worker so the women would let her into their home, at which point she would strangle them and take their possessions. When she was caught, police said she had a list of names and addresses of elderly women receiving government assistance. Jane Toppan began working at the Cambridge Hospital in and was so liked by her peers and patients that they dubbed her "Jolly Jane.

She would later confess to killing at least 31 people. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sent to Taunton State Hospital for life. Dorothea Puente was an elderly woman who opened a boarding house in Sacramento. Police investigated her home in and discovered body parts buried in the backyard. Puente died at the age of 82 while incarcerated at Central California Women's Facility. She says she did so by adding arsenic to their food or drink.

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Although those are the only murders she admits to, there were multiple other people in her life who died under mysterious circumstances. At her trial in , she claimed, " the devil made me do it " and that she had never intended to kill her relatives. The defense didn't work, and she was found guilty and executed in Over the course of a year from in Correggio, Italy, she killed three women and disposed of the bodies.

She used caustic soda to disintegrate the bodies, and according to her court testimony, she turned one of the women's remains into soap, which earned her the nickname " la Saponificatrice di Correggio ," or "the soap-maker of Correggio. She died in It was discovered in the late s that she had been " baby farming ," or collecting babies to "care" for them in exchange from money. Instead, she would starve them or give them liquid opiates. One of those bodies was found and traced back to her. She is suspected of killing hundreds of babies, but it's impossible to know just how many infants were killed.

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Nannie Doss killed four of her five husbands, at least two children and two other died of a suspicious "food poisoning" , her mother, her two sisters, and a mother-in-law. Miraculously, it wasn't until the death of her fifth husband that anyone became suspicious. An autopsy revealed an extremely high amount of arsenic in his system, and Doss was charged with his murder. She confessed to killing the others but was only tried and convicted on one count of murder.

She died in prison in Medical professionals were fascinated by the story and wrote about the family in journals, using their story as proof that the mysterious ailment must run in families, according to The New York Times. Other professionals called this "statistically impossible" and an investigation began. Years later in the '90s, authorities say Hoyt confessed to smothering all of the children though she later recanted. She was sentenced to 75 years in prison and died shortly after. Tillie Klimek got quite a reputation in Chicago for her "psychic" abilities, but her visions always centered around a very specific prophecy — the death of her husbands, according to the New York Daily News.

She seemed to know the exact date each of her husbands would die. She also is suspected of killing neighbors and friends with food or candy she had prepared. Klimek was found guilty and died in jail in She was sentenced to life without parole in for the stabbing death of her husband and is still serving time. Mary Ann Cotton is thought to be the first serial killer to terrorize England.

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She is suspected of poisoning at least 20 people, including multiple husbands and 11 of her children, among others. She was only convicted of one killing — that of her stepson Charles Edward Cotton — who authorities say died from arsenic poison. Cotton never admitted to any of the murders but was hanged for her crimes in Stacey Castor is another woman who used poison to kill, but she did one thing differently — she tried to blame her daughter for it, according to Syracuse.

After her second husband died of antifreeze poisoning in , she also tried to kill her daughter with a mix of medications.

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To cover her tracks, she wrote a suicide note from her daughter in which "her daughter" confessed to killing both Castor's first and second husbands. Her daughter survived the ordeal, and Castor was arrested and convicted on charges of first-degree and attempted murder. In she was found dead in her cell of apparent heart disease. In Rita Gluzman was convicted and sentenced to death for killing and dismembering her husband, a renowned cancer researcher, according to The New York Times.

She murdered him with an ax, reportedly after he said he was leaving her for another woman. Gluzman recruited her cousin to help, and the cousin later confessed to helping cut up the body while she cleaned up the blood. They were caught when a police officer saw her cousin trying to dump the body in the Passaic River. Stella Nickell was inspired by the Chicago Tylenol murders , in which someone added cyanide to Tylenol and put them back on store shelves, and decided that was the best way to kill her husband, according to PBS. She put cyanide in Excedrin capsules , which her husband took.

After his death, she put more of the Excedrin cyanide mixture on store shelves, in an attempt to frame her husband's death as an accident, and therefore get her an insurance payout. Nickell will be up for parole in