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To which the intrepid little soldi promptly replied: "Yes, sir, I was badly seared, Mitfor, I did not let my legs find out! Tho hit was so pointed, and, with I, so just, thsit a roar of laughter bust from the lips of sill who heard it, inn sh to tho discomfituro of tho gallant Major, who put spurs to his liorso wd rode to tho front ot the column.

During the organization of colo ed troops in ICcn'tucky, considerable troublo was taken to perfect then in tho knowledge of their duties as seitinels, and to this end all kinds of eyedierits were resorted to. Approacling one cf the dusky warriors, on canp guard, one bright moonlight nigbt, I was challenged and responded in Hue form, but a few moments afterwirds. Wishing to impress upon his mind how indiscreet he had been, and the necessity ot caution, I stepned cjuicklv back, and, bringing tho piece to a charge, tha bayonet near his breast, I said "Now, sir!

In all matters of eternal truth the soul is before the intellect the things of God are spiritually discerned vou know the truth by being true you recognise God by lioimr like Him. Where the quails whistle round in the wheat-fields. That are yellow with ripening grain, They find, in the thick waving grasses, Where thescarlet-lipp'd strawberry grows, They gather the earliest snow-drops.

Ana the first crimson blush of the rose. Thev toss the new hay in the meadow They gather the elder-bloom white They find out the dusky grapes purple. In the soft tinted October light, They know where the apples hang ripest, And sire sweeter than Italy's wines They know where the fruit hangs the thickest,. They gather the delicate sea-weeds, And build liny castles in sand Thev pick up the beautiful sea-shells—. Fairy barks hai have drifted to land, They wave from the tall, rocking tree-tops Where the oriole's hammock-nest swings, And at night-time all folded In slumber.

After demandingri his name and regiment, the officer in-yl dignantlv, and in rather forcible lai I. Hill in rather. Times Monday, by a correspondent whose initials, "R. WM" are probably those of a well-known scholar and Writer. On remonstrating with the conductor the smoking brute aforesaid burst out with a volly of abuse, as to which "II. The nature of it may be gathered from his-advice, frequently repeated, that I hid better go and soak my head, and from his expression of a wish and an Intention to mash my face.

Now, the. I said nothing, however, but stood still, as meek as Moses, and as silent. At last, the conductor appearing sigain, I said to him. I Uld like to seo you do it. Who the arc vou that I shouldn't abuse. Jess you speak to a policeman, and I'll mash your icce. I'd do it for five cents. It is said that some of tho fashionable ladies of London, not satisfied with the senseless custom of wearing earrings, borrowed from Africa and the South-Sea Islands, are now turning their attention to another quarter of the pagan world, and adopting tho Oriental stylo of wearing anklets, which tho short dresses display to excellent advantage.

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Tho ornaments are already for sale in the prominent jewelry stores, and many of them are superbly fashioned, being wrought in gold and silver smd enriched with precious stones. They generally have little tinkling bells attached and how these must agitate the hearts of susceptible young gentlemen on the croquet ground! What a pretty idea this is! But there sire, howovor, two sides to the subject. Though si pretty girl in short petticoats, w. Hut ihis consideration will hsive very iinle to do with the. Seriously, the fashion is nights afterward, a very stormy one bv-tlie-by, Lieutenant L.

Lieutenant L. I tell ver! Msir time, lar No such man as you got countersign. This was kejit up for fully half a hour, and the relief was never mo heartily welcomed by weary sentin than it "was that night by Lieutenant. Tl most worthless and vile, the refuse mankind, the drunkard and the pros lute swear, as well as the best-dressw and educated gentleman.

It commends no one to rf society. We expect io seo tattooing introduced next. The girl had been eating onions, and sho took snuff, and her face was dirty, and her teeth were mouldy, and she bit. This lady has been famous for her judicious and munificent charity, sind this royal recognition of her worth is si peculiarly graceful act.

The cable does not inform us as to what Miss outts' new title may be, but it is probable that the St. Albans peerage, now extinct, may be received, and that Miss Coutts may inherit the honors as well as the woalth oft he late IHichcss. Louis, while on a visit to the country recently, thought she wonld test her lover's sincerity, and so sent him word that she hat!

William Mack and lady leave for Europe next week. Thomas J. Rorer and wife, ot Philadelphia, are at the Terre-Haute House. Daniel Messer, of the Essex House, Mattoon, was in the city this morning. Littlefield and Dr. Moore, of Marshall, were in town last evening. Bunce, of Connecticut, has in the city two or three dsivs visiting his brother, James Bunce. Tho congregation of gawky country minister of this county complain that they are fed on green pastorage.

Lewis L. Weeks will succeed B. Trueblood sis County Commissioner from the 3rd District in December. Matson Hill, si Chicago real estate pent tor has been visiting his fsither, Rev. James Hill, in this city, during the week. Minister Thomas II. The Journal ssivs that W.

Dittemoro, of Owen county, is looking after tho Democratic Congressional succession in this District. Besides other varied accomplishments, Judge John T. Scott is an excellent civil engineer. A newly-imported Eastern swell assured a citizen tlie other day, that Nilsson was more chawming in Rip Van Winkle than in any other role. John S. Read, who was killed at Stone River, December 31, , has just been erected by tho citizens of Paris, Read wsis a brother ot Dr.

Ezra Read, of this city. A Tennessee critic'ealls Blind Tortl ft child of song and prodigious performer, and predicts that among all tho wonders of the age Blind Tom will be romembered and recorded in the pages of history as the most wonderful. Census-taker John Fears found a grown young woman in town yesterday who couldn't remember her pa's name, she entertained Fears by calling her mother to give 'the family statistics. Nearly all tho Terre-Haute ex-edi-tors are in prime order and good condition. Witness Col. I analdson,Ssimuel Magill, Col. Jordan, of tho Journal, is fat conugh to retire now so is Col.

Allen, of the Esprexx, will be all right with one more press banquet. We really despair of Mr. He will probably die in the harness. A gentleman from the? When last seen sho had on a blue calico dress and a gingham sun-bonnet, and was making tracks for this city in company with a blacksmith, who had stolen, like a thief in the night,"into the reservoir of her affections.

Four children at home cry in vain for their mamma. Tho husband says if it wasn't for tho trouble of the young'uns she might go to perdition for all that hd cares.

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Tho glass of Fashion and the mould of Form. He stood in front of the Opera House where all passing ladies stopped a moment and admired him. He had just come out of Erlanger's where he provided himself with one of thoso handsome spring suits. No wonder tho ladies admired him. Lyne A Co. Thd beholder is fiiirly intoxicated with pleasurable emotions when gazing at the bewildering army of rare jewels and precious metals displayed within the realms of John R.

Freeman's Golden Castle, Opera llouso building.

The Banyan Tree: Volume I : Move Towards Holistic Health - Volume I : Move Towards Holistic Health

Trembling fingers will untie the purse strings with feverish haste when tho rices are named, and great will be the joy of the possessor of tho beautiful gems. Ladies if you wish to bo comforted pleased and even delighted, just make a call at the New York Store, Main street.

You need not expect to'seo all they have in the way of fine spring dress goods, shawls, kid gloves, fans Ac. Owner can have same upon "ivins: full particulars. Fisbman, 9, Edwird- street, Cardiff. This Coupon will be placed in the revolving wheel, and will have an equal chance of securing one of the four- teen prizes.

1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Danube

For the convtiiitnce of our readers, and to save cost of postage, Coupons can be lelt at our Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea offices before 1 noon every Monday. One or more sets of Coupons can be enclosed in the tame envelope. Cardiff Office: 83, St. Newport Office: 1, Tredcjcir-place. Sold in Bottles 2s 3d and 4s ea'. Mont complimentary expressions of opinion from all who have been Photographed. Prices :—2s td for 3, 4s for 6. All taken by the Latest, Best, and Quickest processes, :mll weather really no object.

Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each by post 2s 9d , by all chemists. London agents, F.

Introduction: The Tenacious Myth

Newbery and Sons. Agent for Cardiff. M'inday, Chemist. Important Engagement of Mr W. Powerful Company of London Artists. Open 7. Commence 7. Box Plan at Thompson and Shackell's, Lim. Fresh Arrivals! Last Six Nights of the Variety Season. No wonder this popular place of amusement is patronised by our best families, and receiving the best support of any place of amusement in the town, when we consider the fact that every week a new programme is ubmitted full of variety, pleasing surprises, and always refined.

All must admit that Levino has the best entertainment in town, and at such moderate prices, too-from 3d. No wonder the beautiful little family resort is crowded nightly. Colliery Explosions, and Special Events. Post Office Savings Bank.

One Marvelous Scene - "You're Me"

Price of Paper, it:ith Almanac, ld. The very best workman ship guaranteed. Is Hd and 2s ell per Bottle. For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable. No female should be without them. There is no medi- cine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills for removing any obstructions or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box, they will jooii restore females of all aies to sound and robust facuFt'li F6t 'a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organs in the human machine.

Prepared only by the Proprietor, T. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes at Is Hd and 2s 9d each. Full directions are given witn each box. Garments are made ill the most perfect manner to the season's styles or d'stinct forms. The Overcoatings are of unusual patterns and excellence. Great surprises await pur- chasers. Tiley have over-reached p. The qualities are beyond value, and the prices beiow cheapness.

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To buy these is a best value-getting duty, and to wear them a money-saving pleasure. The Hat, Hosiery, and Outfitting Branches are in the same state of completion and repletion, with value and variety that know no equal or give such benefits to buyers. Siing of. Show Rooms now open. The favour of a call is earnestly solicited. Every Instrument Guaranteed. Co-operative Prices for Cash. E'sj U. As au aperi- mt. TUe Pills are.

Directions for. Every household should possess a copy. Cir- culation, Four Mil- lions. Concerning this book, the late eminent author, Sheridan Knowies, observed :—"It will be all incalculable boon to every person who can read and think. Rooke, Scarborousft, Eng- land. Rooke, Scarborough, Eng- l. M on receipt oi Ia. Everything Private. No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of Urst monthly instalment.

R BROS. Under one 10 Z Under two years 0 One-horse carriage, including eodin covered in black, blue, or polished, J lined with flannel, modern coach, and attendance. J Address—80, St. I Address—80, St.

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These wonderful Puis cure diseases which could not be i-eacheti by any other meai- cine. Dropsy, and Fevers of all kinds. In boxes at Is ld and 2s 9d each. Oxford street. Our energies have been particularly directed to supplying Overcoats and Overcoatings of sterling quality only, and, finding that our en- deavours to introduce first-class goods have met with surprising success, we await with confidence an inspection of our Stoik, which is replenished wi:h every variety personally selected from the leading houses , and also our own makes, the extremely low price of which we are confident cannot be surpassed.

Speecial attention is devoted to the Be- spoke Department. Wo guarantee accurate and comfortable fit, from reliable materials,, at economical prices. We would point to the special features of our business, viz. These are the bases of our erer-iiicreasingti-ade. Should you honour us with your commands, our sole aim will be to merit, by prompt attcn- tion, a continuance of your esteemed favours.

We have pleasure in nforming you it can be obtained at either of the following addresses. Broadway, Roath. PUGH, 5, Meteor-street. Messrs T. S J OWE,