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More of a curiosity that their wealthier peers often lacked emotional support and affection. Read this book. Oct 07, kate rated it it was amazing. If you are from The Bronx you gotta love this book. I'm a Fordham Road gal myself. Who wouldn't like growing up in a neighborhood where you had the Bronx Zoo and Botanical gardens as local parks. You could hang out at the Edgar Allen Poe tiny cottage until the parky chased you out.

You could play tennis at St James park. Though I personally never knew anyone who would. Who were those people? We did go to the roller rink across the street though. We walked all over and had a freedom the kids toda If you are from The Bronx you gotta love this book.

The Bronx: Don’t Call It a Comeback

We walked all over and had a freedom the kids today can't even imagine. Don't get me started on the food. It was an international smorgasbord. The best Italian food, Jewish deli, Chinese food, Greek diners, and bakeries from everywhere. And mom still had dinner on the table even if she worked all day.

Thanks Arlene for this trip down memory lane. I really enjoyed it. Sep 23, Oliviaolivia rated it really liked it. I received this book for free in a Goodreads giveaway.

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Overall I really enjoyed this anthology of personal stories about the Bronx. It shows a very diverse array of people; in family situations, ethnicities , time periods, and career paths. I did feel like some of the stories rambled off topic or just were generally too long and could have been edited better.

That being said I would totally recommend this book if you enjoy reading about different peoples childhoods or of course about the Bronx. May 04, Robyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-york , memoirs , oral-history. I loved getting a glimpse of the lives of people who grew up in the Bronx and the simple joys, funny stories and difficulties they remembered.

I learned so much about the subjects and this book gave me a sense of how the Bronx shaped the lives of these individuals through the decades. Thank you, Ms.

Alda, f I loved this book. Alda, for pursuing your idea of writing this book which began at that party on Long Island.

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Apr 13, Cherie Kephart rated it liked it. Just Kids from the Bronx is an interesting compilation of oral accounts from a select group of people who are from the Bronx. Sometimes funny, sometime tragic, sometimes inspiring, we are granted a slice of insight into many childhoods, many beginnings, many perceptions, and many reflections of how their journeys evolved from this dynamic New York borough. Aug 23, Norma Bosley rated it liked it. It was an interesting book, full of tales about growing up in the Bronx.

I think the different writers added their unique flavor to the overall book, but some entries were difficult to get through, because of said writing. I did finish the book, and learned much about the people some famous that I never knew. Feb 09, Anne rated it liked it. I loved the stories that really spoke about experiences specific to the Bronx.

Unfortunately many of the people included in the book, spoke about their life in general or their life after the Bronx. So decent book but fell short of my expectations. Dec 06, Pghbekka rated it really liked it. Highly enjoyable as an audiobook - mostly read by Alan and Arlene Alda, with other guests as well. Nov 01, Christina Mitchell rated it liked it. I bought this book because Arlene and Alan Alda were in my neighborhood as part of an annual Jewish book festival.

In full disclosure, I have been deeply in love with Alan Alda since I was seven years old. So, there's was no doubt when I heard the Alda's were scheduled to speak that I wouldn't immediately buy my ticket and show up at the venue two hours early so I could get a front row seat. What an evening! Let me begin by reiterating that I continue to be deeply in love with Mr.

4 Books About the Bronx That Celebrate Growing Up in the Borough

Pe I bought this book because Arlene and Alan Alda were in my neighborhood as part of an annual Jewish book festival. People do not understand my attraction, but they do not have to. Never did I see him or read about him being arrogant or rude, but rather he was always engaged, motivated, and kind. AND, he has remained in love and married to the same woman for over 50 years having met Arlene when they were both in their early 20s. That is the kind of man for me.

I've read his books and seen most, if not all, of his movies. Nearly in his 80s, he remains to me one of the sexiest men alive. So, take that Mrs. I stick my tongue out at you! I am thrilled I finally got the opportunity to see Mr.

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Alda and his brilliantly talented wife, Arlene Alda, in person. Alda is an accomplished musician, educator, and now, author. The book does not do justice to the delight she has in this collection of stories. To hear her speak about her interviews with these kids from the Bronx, you knew she had a sincere affinity for the tales they shared with her. All the stories in the book are the exact words of the interviewees. Alda did the editing to form the coherent, lively, memorable vignettes. This project took her four years. The book begins with those of her generation extending to the generation of the 21st century.

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You get to hear the evolution of the Bronx from the rather segregated hamlets inhabited by the immigrants of the s and s working toward the American Dream, to the crumbling and burning realities of the s, to the up-and-coming borough it is today. She did a beautiful job. However, I am going to recommend that if you have the opportunity, the best way to experience the book is in a live session with Mrs.

The audio book may I hope give you a similar experience. Alda as a tempo to the way she tells these stories about her beloved Bronx. She continues the same delight in reiteration of the book's tales you've no doubt she had the first time hearing the lives and anecdotes of the various individuals included in her volume who I'm confident are now her friends. If you get lucky enough to see Mrs. Alda being interviewed about her book by her husband, all the better. Alda is sincerely interested in his wife's work and questions her authentically. At the event I attended, the Alda's were asked how they met.

I'll let you ask them for yourselves you'll love the story, trust me ; however, they concluded their story saying, "And, a great friendship was born. We were inseparable. They make a wonderful team. May 28, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: american-folklore , biographies , cultural , non-fiction , historical-non-fiction , nostalgia , new-york-city , books-read The Bronx is a unique place in NYC that many amazing people grew up in. This book brings together their life stories to show what kinds of things each person experienced there as a kid.

For anyone that grew up there the stories will bring back many many memories of certain buildings, parks, and streets where so much took place. The reason I picked up this book was because I just love the idea of being able to grow up in a city that is so big yet so small at the same time.

Many people returned to where they grew up because everything they needed was right there. It is crazy to think about how much stuff was free that helped kids find out who they wanted to be when they grew up. The Bronx zoo was free on certain days and so that is when everyone would go and because of that so many kids got to learn about animals and their eco systems they lived in. It inspired a few to go and study animals later on. The stories that struck a cord with me were the people who talked about the teachers that went out of their way to help them in life. Today, because of the troublesome helicopter parents, teachers are not really allowed to help students today and because of that students are left to suffer in the public education system that we have today.

There is one person who, because of their father's sickness and love for baseball had a teacher that took him, along with a few other kids keep in mind all in middle school to major baseball games. Another person talked about how this one teacher saw their potential in 6th grade and took it upon themselves to take them literally walked them across the street to better schools and enrolled them and because of that action, which would not be allowed today, enabled them to go on to Harvard and Harvard Business school.

What does that tell you about the rules today in schools? If you want to relive your time growing up there then this is a book for you to sit down and enjoy. The many lives the Bronx touched inspired so many talented people to share their gifts with the world.

Dec 27, Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: history , memoir. And for Arlene Alda The Bronx is home. There are many known figures from past and present connected to The Bronx, the world of literature, movies, sports, politics and science have been marked by people who made first steps in The Bronx, who learned to survive in that special environment that eventually lead them to the top.

Feb 22, Kristin rated it liked it. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I liked listening to the tidbits of each interviewed person's life. Some had positive experiences, some negative and some a mix, so it helped to develop a balanced look at the Bronx and how it influenced these people and their future success. It painted an interesting picture of different times and areas, and I was most interested in the positive views many of the subjects who immigrated here in the early twentieth century, living in tenements but appreciatin Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

It painted an interesting picture of different times and areas, and I was most interested in the positive views many of the subjects who immigrated here in the early twentieth century, living in tenements but appreciating their opportunities and going on to succeed in a variety of different professions. Part of the lower rating for me was listening to it, which is basically my own fault; if I read it it'd be closer to a four, so I guess it's probably a 3.

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Living within walking distance of Yankee Stadium and close enough to hear the lions roar and elephants bellow in their Bronx Zoo lairs, my memories are as sepia-tinted as photographs of corner luncheonettes or a gaggle of bumpy-headed tykes playing with bottle caps on a squared mandala chalked on a side street blacktop between the bulbous-fendered gray Plymouths and over-chromed Chevys. My Bronx neighborhood back then, like the one I live in now in South Philly, was Italian and Jewish, or at least those were the ethnic flavors I tasted most before the Latino influx.

For years, my Mother called herself an Italiayenta. Of course, as a kid on the streets it was Hostess Cupcakes not Tastykakes, heroes not hoagies, and we played stickball with "spaldeens" instead of half-ball with "pimple balls. Around the time my parents moved us to New Jersey, a destructive highway, the I extension of the Cross-Bronx Expressway, Godzillaed through our neighborhoods, allowing free-flowing traffic from the suburbs to speed past while older and newer residents spiraled into cycles of dysfunction.

When I'm on the way to New England, just past the exit for West Farms, where I used to go to catch the el to visit my grandmother, I can still see the looming red brick walls of my junior high school, P. I can also see where I played Little League baseball and hung out on a roof watching some acned, tank-top-wearing dropout, whom I did not want to grow up to be like, command a squadron of creepy pigeons that blotted out the clouds over Bronx Park.

So much for nostalgia, of which I am not a fan. Dion lived on Belmont Avenue, and I remember walking to school on that street, past guys wearing sunglasses and sprawling on Cadillacs. The grand building I lived in on East th Street overlooked the narrowest end of the casually beer can- and condom-festooned banks of the Bronx River. After we saw a half-eaten bloated catfish down there one day, we kids just decided to leave it all to the rats. Minimal sets by Beowulf Boritt are centered around city stoops but the backdrops are the selling point. They are the buildings and skylines in and around the Bronx rendered in dark red, their surfaces patterned with blood splatter.

The scenic design perfectly echoes the variegated texture of the work: thrumming through the humor and heart-on-the-sleeve sentiment is the ever-present threat of violence and a cold assessment of the cost of growing up gangster. This is thanks to book writer Chazz Palminteri, who made a surprise appearance onstage after the curtain call Wednesday night.

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