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You Know You’re A Farm Girl When… *Now With 20 Signs*

They seek new opportunities and aren't scared of the These days when the call comes asking if a group can come tour the farm, my answer is always yes. I find tremendous satisfaction in being able to shake hands, look in a person's eyes and answer their questions about farming in a real-life conversation.


Friday, we hosted a group of German farmers and agriculturalists visiting the U. The group spent a week What is so special about horses? Since ancient civilization, horses have been an important factor in human societies. First used as food by early cultures, horse meat provided 50 percent more protein and 30 percent more iron than lean beef, so it became a life sustaining necessity for early dwellers. Later, horses became a tool for work as a vital means of transportation, having Ask students to identify how we consume these products. For example: wheat is the Pratt gets 28 inches of rain per year.

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The July high is around 93 degrees and the January low is 21 degrees. AJ Farms has both irrigated and non-irrigated dryland farm ground. Reading time 11 minutes.

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