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But Her exaltation was also due to Her littleness, for "in the word of humility, 'Behold, the handmaid of the Lord' Lk , She became the Queen of Heaven. She is brilliant in Her heavenly splendor. The Queen of the Angels is also our Queen and Mother. Anthony declares that "the blessed Mother will not run away from any She is appropriately called the Mother of Mercy since She welcomes any sinner who approaches Her, offering solace to the afflicted and hope to the despairing.

This most merciful Mother has been chosen by God to distribute all His grace to poor sinners. Why is this? But Her "Fiat" continued throughout Her entire life culminating in Her assent to God's holy will on blood-stained Calvary. The holy doctor, as previously quoted, compares our Lady to an olive, and in that sermon he makes special mention of Her agony at the foot of the cross.

Commenting on the rainbow which God set in the sky after the flood cf. Gn 9 , the saint proclaims, "The rainbow is a symbol of the peace and reconciliation which the blessed Virgin, our Mediatrix, effected between God and man. This glorious saint and doctor of the Church found great delight and strength in invoking the "sweet name of Mary," the "New Eve" and "Star of the Sea," with all Her sacred privileges.

However, his devotion to the poor, humble Virgin led him to perfectly imitate and mirror Her in Her poverty, littleness and purity of Heart. He became, as it were, the presence of Mary in the world by his holy life. Because he had been wholly transformed into 'another' Mary, who "always had Her mind raised straight up to God in the contemplation of heavenly things," so he merited to hold and adore the divine Infant with his own arms. The Marian doctrine and devotion of this great saint, like two wings, lifted him up from this world and carried him into the sublime heights of holiness.

May his profound wisdom and love for the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God inspire many to entrust themselves entirely to Her without reserve and with full confidence so that She may illumine souls with the brilliance of Her grace. Religious Catalogue. Daily Readings.

Prayer Requests. Mary And Saints. The Marian Devotion of St. Anthony of Padua. Authored By: Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

Anthony's Life began with Mary St. Anthony's Faith in Jesus Christ overflowed in Devotion to Mary His devotion was founded on the solid foundation of Catholic doctrine, as all true devotion is. Anthony's Devotion to the Immaculate Conception Before She became Mother of God "the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instant of Her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin Anthony's Faith in Mary's Perpetual Virginity The holy doctor frequently spoke on the perpetual virginity of Mary, a doctrine defined by the Church at the Lateran Council in Out of 12 men chosen to be his Apostles, Jesus called two men named Yakob.

In English we call them James. But which one is which? It is dedicated to being — and helping others become — the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Our mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ and the joy of the Gospel to the world by telling stories of hope that bring people closer to Christ and the Catholic faith. We share the joys and hopes of the Gospel through television, radio, print, and online media. Our work unites people together through prayer, celebration, reflection, education, authentic dialogue and enquiry, thought-provoking reporting and stories of faith and action.

We also challenge believers to grow in the knowledge of the faith and the Catholic tradition in its many expressions. Seeing their bodies as they were processed back to Assisi, Fernando meditated on the heroism of these men; inspired by their example, and longing for the same gift of martyrdom, he obtained permission from church authorities to leave the Augustinian Canons to join the new Franciscan Order. Upon his admission to the life of the friars, he joined the small hermitage in Olivais, adopting the name Anthony from the name of the chapel located there, dedicated to Saint Anthony the Great , by which he was to be known.

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Brother Anthony then set out for Morocco, in fulfillment of his new vocation. Illness, however, stopped him on his journey. At this point, he decided to head to Italy, the center of his new order. Finding His Place Among the Franciscans On the voyage there, his ship was driven by a storm onto the coast of Sicily and he landed at Messina. From Sicily he made his way to Tuscany where he was assigned to a house of the order, but he met with difficulty on account of his sickly appearance.

There he appears to have lived as a hermit and was put to work in the kitchen, while being allowed to spend much time in private prayer and study. One day, on the occasion of an ordination, a great many visiting Dominican friars were present, and there was some misunderstanding over who should preach. The Franciscans naturally expected that one of the Dominicans would occupy the pulpit, for they were renowned for their preaching; the Dominicans, on the other hand, had come unprepared, thinking that a Franciscan would be the homilist.

In this quandary, the head of the hermitage, who had no one among his own humble friars suitable for the occasion, called upon Anthony, whom he suspected was most qualified, and entreated him to speak whatever the Holy Spirit should put into his mouth.

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Anthony objected but was overruled, and his sermon created a deep impression. Not only his rich voice and arresting manner, but the entire theme and substance of his discourse and his moving eloquence, held the attention of his hearers. At that point, Anthony was commissioned by Brother Gratian, the local Minister Provincial, to preach the Gospel throughout the area of Lombardy, in northern Italy. In this capacity he came to the attention of the founder of the order, Francis of Assisi. He had seen too many theologians taking pride in their sophisticated knowledge leading to an abandonment of their commitment to a life of real poverty.

In Anthony, however, he found a kindred spirit for his vision, who was also able to provide the teaching needed by young members of the order who might seek ordination. From then on his skills were used to the utmost by the Church. Occasionally he took another post, as a teacher, for instance, at the universities of Montpellier and Toulouse in southern France, but it was as a preacher that Anthony revealed his supreme gift.

Anthony first taught in a friary in Bologna, which became a famous school. The theology book of the time was the Bible. In one extant sermon by the saint, there are at least passages from Scripture. While none of his theological conferences and discussions were written down, we do have two volumes of his sermons: Sunday Sermons and Feast day Sermons. His method included much of allegory and symbolical explanation of Scripture. Anthony continued to preach as he taught the friars and assumed more responsibility within the Order.

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In he was appointed provincial superior of northern Italy, but still found time for contemplative prayer in a small hermitage. Around Easter in he was only 33 years old , while in Rome, he met Pope Gregory IX, who had been a faithful friend and adviser of St. Naturally, the famous preacher was invited to speak. He did it humbly, as always.

The response was so great that people later said that it seemed the miracle of Pentecost was repeated. Despite his efforts, not everyone listened.


Legend has it that one day, faced with deaf ears, Anthony went to the river and preached to the fishes. Death Anthony became ill with edema and, in , went to the woodland retreat at Camposampiero with two other friars for a respite. There, Anthony lived in a cell built for him under the branches of a walnut tree. Anthony died on the way back to Padua on June 13, at the Poor Clare monastery at Arcella now part of Padua , aged Various legends surround the death of Anthony.

One holds that when he died, the children cried in the streets and that all the bells of the churches rang of their own accord. Another legend regards his tongue. Anthony is buried in a chapel within the large basilica built to honor him, where his tongue is displayed for veneration in a large reliquary.

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