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Often the heightened emotion of an extended family coming together and more often than not, alcohol can bring up new or old issues that need to be dealt with. For instance a relative may feel comfortable enough to share with the group that they have been battling with depression or financial stress. In this instance, if appropriate, suggest taking the conversation somewhere private or arrange a time to have a proper discussion without any distractions.

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People often just want to feel as though someone is willing to listen to them, so they will most likely appreciate the fact that you care enough to discuss it while respecting their privacy. Have you had to deal with some tough conversations across the Christmas table? We would love to hear how you resolved the issues with your family. Please share in the comments. Join our community of over 40,plus members today and get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles.

Danielle McCarthy Relationships. Here are three skills that can help business leaders navigate difficult conversations.

It is vital for leaders to possess top-notch problem-solving skills because it is an asset in diffusing difficult conversations. The key here is to pay close attention to details that are being said.

Difficult Conversations Quotes by Douglas Stone

Calmly address all the issues raised and tackle each one logically. Situations on the verge of escalating need a sound mind that is alert and objective.

Being too emotional during stressful situations will impair judgment. For employees to show trust and respect for their superiors, the leaders must keep their emotions and biases in check in order to make impartial decisions. Often, it is not what is said but how it said that makes a world of difference. Effective communication skills are critical assets for all leaders to possess.

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  • When the people at odds are unable to explain themselves precisely, it can exacerbate an already stressful situation. It has a lot to do with the non-verbal aspects as well. These include tone of voice, hand gestures, posture, stance and expressions in the eyes.

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    The words uttered may be factual, but if they are spoken with an angry tone, a raised eyebrow or a belligerent stance, things tend to go downhill fast. Strong communication skills are critical for building trust and respect.

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    Difficult conversations need leaders who have cultivated the ability to listen well. Authentic listening means not just going through the motions of hearing someone. Truly listening includes comprehending unpalatable things.