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Purchasing websites, redesigning, and then selling them can bring in big bucks.

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Putting on a conference, fashion show, or industry event is a lot of work. Are you a people person who enjoys the outdoors, leading groups, and travel the world or visiting popular spots in your city? Indie tour guide might be the business for you. Art is a big part of all of our lives, and many people are interested and willing to pay to learn how to become better artists.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Elaine Luther helps people reconnect with their creativity through online and in-person art courses. Fizzler Paul Foxton helps realist artists improve their painting and illustration at Learning to See. Real World Example: Josh Shipp , a professional speaker featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories , runs a seven-figure business as a youths speaker. This can include blog posts, articles, books, and more. This business idea involves teaching people how to capture and share special memories creatively through digital scrapbooking. Real World Example: Fizzler Cassel has live classes, online resources, and forums for digital scrapbooking students at Scrapbook Campus.

Andy Purdue has got the drinks covered over at Great Northwest Wine. This business idea is a unique opportunity for you to help people look and feel their best, and make a living doing it. Kimonos , where parents can get all the best gear for the little Brazillian Jiu Jitsu fighter in their life. Serial entrepreneur Andreea Ayers is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories and she got her start with an eco-friendly t-shirt company. Real World Examples: Fizzler Kate Ostrem runs 9 Open Doors , where she uses her expertise in Ennegram personality profiles to help teams and leaders thrive in their careers.

Real World Example: Nick is the 1 all time most prolific poster in the Fizzle forums, and his company iFind Property helps connect real estate investors in New Zealand with the right property, walks them through the purchasing process, and puts them in touch with the real estate professionals needed to build and maintain an investment portfolio.

Building a great product or delivering a top notch service is only half the battle to creating a successful business, which is why many businesses hire expert consultants to supercharge their marketing campaigns. As a freelancer, you can designer, analyze, test, and upgrade software on your own terms. Many successful blogs have built audiences simply by reviewing existing products.

This is a great business idea if you are an enthusiast in some particular area.

Real World Examples: Darren Rouse of Problogger got his start as a professional blogger by reviewing digital cameras. Our very own Chase Reeves has a side-hustle reviewing bags. If you know how to shred the guitar like Hendrix or smash those drums like Dave Grohl, a business offering online music training might be for you.

Real World Example: Fizzle member Geoff Chalmers turned a successful career as a freelance bassist and bass teacher into a full featured online training community called Discover Double Bass. Start your two week free trial of Fizzle today to get access to all the founder stories and courses mentioned in this article, including our Choosing a Topic course. Get a bit more in-depth on several of these business ideas. Start Your Day Free Trial. Fizzle is an all-in-one business building solution for people like you who want to create a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business. Fizzle membership includes a 9-stage step-by-step roadmap , plus the training, tools, coaching and community you need to succeed.

Follow us:. Free Trial. Need direction in your business? Take the Fizzle Quiz zle In less than 2 minutes this quiz will show you where you're stuck and what to do about it. Is one of the ideas on this list right for you? Podcaster As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, increasing numbers of podcast hosts and creators are finding ways to monetize their shows. Selling Through Etsy and Ebay Online retailers offer indie business builders an existing platform with which to sell products online no complicated shopping cart or website development required.

Wedding Photographer Soon-to-be-wed couples are always on the hunt for a talented photographer to snap unforgettable shots on their special day. Personal Chef Our insanely busy modern lifestyle is, paradoxically, coinciding with increasing understanding of the importance of nutrition in our lives. Photography Teacher Already built a successful photography business? Time to start teaching what you know to others.

Copywriter Copywriters create content intended to produce a specific action from the reader, be it make a purchase, book a consultation, or opt-in to a mailing list. Software as a Service People need software to solve their problems. For college courses, the fee is higher by Rs per session.

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Math, science and computer science fetch the highest fees. Working tip Market your profile by opting for the premium pack on teaching websites. You will be listed at the top and be more visible to students. Sc in Physics; certified international online teacher Self-employed for 10 years Work hours: 3 hours a day, 6 days a week for two websites Challenges: Difficult to find students online Gain in translation Average earning: Rs 10, a month, for beginners Rs 40, a month, for professionals How to get started International companies require professionals for translating technical documents, websites, mobile applications and academic papers.

To freelance as a translator, you need to be fluent in more than one language. An advanced degree or certification in languages that are in high demand, such as Chinese and Japanese, will increase your earning potential. Translators in local Indian languages like Telugu, Punjabi and Kannada are also sought after. Other opportunities for multilingual skills include transcribing, proofreading, online teaching and work in call centres.

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Earning potential Translation of Web applications and proofreading assignments are priced around Rs and take hours. Bigger assignments like translation of lectures, academic manuscripts, websites, transcribing of interviews and subtitling are priced between Rs 1, and Rs 2, These projects can take up to three days.

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For instance, Pune-based Tabitha Mishra is a civil engineer and has been working on a freelance website for the past five years. She charges Rs 2, per hour for translating engineering lectures, real estate sites and brochures. Working tip There is a high demand for translations into regional Indian languages. Wake up to Web development Average earning: Rs 1. Web developers and graphic designers are the most sought after and paid the highest due to a growing need for mobile applications for user engagement.

In fact, switching to freelancing after three years of work experience can be more rewarding than working full-time. It will also give you the liberty to negotiate for a better package after every project. Unlike other freelancing options, such as content writing, a college degree in computer science or related field is a must to be a Web developer.

As you gain work experience, you will be able to charge competitive rates for your services. Earning potential One-off projects can help you earn Rs 1. For ongoing support, you will be paid by the hour. You can find thousands of graphic designing, mobile and Web development projects on freelance websites, LinkedIn and other career sites. On freelance websites, professionals with years of experience charge Rs 1,, per hour, while those with years of experience charge between Rs 2, and Rs 3, per hour.

Working tip Learn about both front-end user interface designing and back-end database and server development, even if you specialise in one. Full stack developers are more sought after compared to specialists. Manage the social media Average earning: Rs 1. Social media management is much more than just posting content on social media sites for a company. It involves developing online marketing strategies, monitoring presence on social media by using analytical tools, researching target audience by analysing data points, running social media campaigns and ads, adapting marketing strategies to changing trends and brand building.

If you are a problem solver, skilled in SEO writing and equipped with marketing tools, then this job is for you. If you have no prior experience, take an online course on social media management offered by several instructional websites like Udemy.

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Earning potential The payment is either by the hour or fixed as per the project. The hourly model pays Rs ,, depending on the scope of task and value addition. Fixed payment budgets are arrived at by considering your hourly fee. Negotiate hard for fixed payment models as they take up a lot of time, leaving less scope for taking on other projects. Working tip Since the social media landscape is changing constantly, upskill and hone your marketing skills to keep up with the dynamic platforms.

Not making enough money in stocks? Click here for real-life stories of successful investors. Read this article in : Hindi. Read more on search engine optimization. Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Systems.

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Virtual assistant artificial intelligence. Click Here. Follow us on. Businesses worldwide trusted through Kajabi. Leading as Online Business Market Shareholder. Kajabi gives you everything you need to create, market, and sell your digital products. Create online courses and customize content delivery. Your entire business on one beautiful website. Hosting included. Done for you, user-friendly designed membership sites.

Give your students the best learning experience. One click to fully functioning marketing campaigns. Easy to host, built-in live and automated webinars.

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