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Folsom Lake College's humanities curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary knowledge, enhance their This Folsom Lake College major is intended for students who want a general background in the areas of arts and humanities, communication Folsom Lake College's journalism curriculum introduces students to the writing, reporting, and critical thinking skills required for jobs The Folsom Lake College kinesiology curriculum offers a wide variety of courses to accommodate varying fitness levels, interests, and Folsom Lake College's learning, tutoring, and academic technology courses are designed to help students become more effective at solving Folsom Lake College's liberal studies program is designed for students who wish to be teachers in public and private elementary schools.

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Folsom Lake College's broad-based management curriculum offers introductory and specialized courses ranging from studies of standard Folsom Lake College's marketing curriculum teaches skills that are essential for international and domestic business and for companies Folsom Lake College's mathematics program provides students with the ability to think logically and abstractly and develop the The medical laboratory technician MLT program at Folsom Lake College is designed to prepare students to qualify for and pass the National The modern making curriculum at Folsom Lake College is ideal for anyone interested in enhancing and developing marketable job skills The Folsom Lake College music curriculum includes vocal and instrumental components, as well as courses on music and music history.

The Folsom Lake College nutrition curriculum prepares the student for further study in nutrition science and related fields or a program in Folsom Lake College's philosophy program is directed toward understandingfundamental human issues in their historical and cultural contexts The Folsom Lake College photography curriculum is designed to teach skills for entry-level positions in the professional photography The Folsom Lake College physical science curriculum offers transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements.

The Folsom Lake College physics program offers an array of transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements. Folsom Lake College's political science program studies governmental structures and political systems, as well as examines how individuals Folsom Lake College's project management program is highly relevant to professional services like health care, pharmacy, human resources Folsom Lake College's sign language studies curriculum introduces students to American sign language, teaching students basic Students can Folsom Lake College's sociology program examines the social and cultural bases that impact human behavior, interaction, and life changes.

Folsom Lake College offers the fundamental communication courses for proficiency in Spanish. Students will be able to understand the spoken Folsom Lake College's student government curriculum is designed for students interested in developing their leadership skills and Folsom Lake College's theatre arts program provides a broad foundation in various aspects of theatre including history, diversity, and Get on the "Fast-Track" this Fall. Fall Community Blood Drive. Read More News. Reading Writing Center: Prewriting Strategies workshop. I have worked as a community college counselor for over 20 years.

Additionally, I serve as the campus transfer services coordinator. I love what I do.

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Counseling students at the community college provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with individuals of incredibly diverse backgrounds, life experiences and with a broad range of goals. This makes for a very exciting work place! Give yourself time when deciding on a major! Often, students limit themselves and their natural interests by choosing common majors because they believe they can get a good job with that degree.

Students should find their passion and this takes time and study what they enjoy! Students who study what they enjoy can pursue work experience opportunities such as internships or cooperatives at the university level to gain experience in areas that pique their interests.

The college degree coupled with work experience makes for a powerful combination when interviewing for jobs. Students who are undecided may consider taking some of our career exploration classes such as HCD , , , or Additionally, taking introductory courses in various disciplines is a great way to get exposure.

When I receive letters or e-mails from students who have transferred on to a four year college and share what is going on in their lives. I have a favorite scenario that occurs with many students which makes me so thankful and proud. It is incredibly powerful to watch these students transform and empower themselves through their community college experiences and education. Chris Clark has his A. For the first assignment in his public speaking class in fall , year-old Jeff Landay was instructed to introduce himself to his Folsom Lake College FLC classmates via a three-minute presentation.

He began by showing a startling photo of himself taken in as a patient at Bethesda Naval Hospital. To him, this one snapshot encapsulated what he had endured and would also serve to motivate him for what was to come. During a routine patrol on May 21, , the humvee he was traveling in struck a roadside bomb that left one member of his platoon dead and seriously wounded three others.

Marine Cpl. Jeff Landay was transported to a hospital in Baghdad, then to Germany, and eventually back to the States. Jeff was in a coma for nearly a month having suffered a traumatic brain injury in which they had to remove the left side of his skull to alleviate the swelling. Upon his hospital release and at the age of 19, Jeff returned to Citrus Heights and faced a long recovery that included relearning to speak, struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD , and the physical and emotional toll of a cumulative 52 surgeries to repair his injuries.

The battle scars on his body became his badges of pride alongside the three Purple Hearts he had been awarded for his service to his country. It was also during this time that Jeff began taking classes at Folsom Lake College using education benefits provided by the G. He appreciated that the structure and self-discipline that had originally been ingrained in him as a Marine also fit well with that of academia.

Jeff quickly endeared himself to students and staff with his combination of brutal honesty and unbeatable optimism. His ability to look beyond his injuries and stay focused on the future inspires everyone he comes into contact with…including myself! He inspires others to stay in the fight and press on! It was also at FLC in that same communications course where he was tasked to tell his story that he discovered he had a knack for public speaking. He plans to transfer to Sacramento State and pursue a career as a motivational speaker to hopefully inspire veterans and civilians alike. It was that first public speaking engagement that gave him the confidence to share his inspiring story with others.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you feel lost, either physically, emotionally, or intellectually, there are plenty of people around who want to help you. I feel the most proud when a show opens and the set is finished, the lights are hung, and the costumes are made. I am always impressed by how much the students are able to accomplish. As a high school student, I was drawn to design, because I got to be able to create new and different environments.

I had a great many mentors and teachers along the way and now I am excited to be able to mentor others in the field of theater design and technology. Yes, it is so exciting to see young people getting excited about theater. I have designed and built hundreds of platforms over my career and it makes me happy to see someone want to stay after class to finish building their first platform. I remember sitting in the darkness as the house lights went down and the stage came to life.

I remember some of the stage magic, where an actor jumped down into a trap in the stage and came back up and spit water out as if he had jumped into a pool of water. That was really exciting to me. When Iveth immigrated to the U. Iveth used her bilingual communication skills as a Student Ambassador at FLC to provide information to other students beginning their educational journey.

With a strong work ethic and the passion and grit to make her dream a reality, she is currently attending UCLA. Biology is the study of life. I am interested in all living organisms but since I started teaching I have been fascinated by how people learn. This interest in education is coupled with my training as a bench scientist and the study of the unseen microbial world.

Microbes play a critical role in our ecosystem and impact all aspects of the earth and its residents. The more we understand about the microbial world the better we are able to evaluate the role they play in our quality of life. The vast majority of microbes are beneficial and just a small percentage, known as pathogens, cause disease.

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If we consider the impact of just three diseases: AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, we can appreciate how devastating infectious disease is on a global level. I am interested in helping students understand this dichotomy as they learn about microbes. Firstly, be open to learning and the process of discovery.

Let it excite you the way it did when you were a toddler. Find what interests you, pursue it passionately and learn at a deep level. In the field of infectious disease there is so much we talk about in the classroom that then is heard in the current news. These topics come alive when you relate them to your own life and their impact on society. Secondly, pace yourself. Science classes are rich in content. Do NOT cram for an exam the night before. Disaster will follow. Prosecutors said the scheme included tactics like fraudulently obtaining extra time on ACT or SAT tests, changing test answers and having a ringer take exams for students.

Universities like Harvard, Yale, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Texas at Austin are also facing challenges to their affirmative action policies, either in the courts or through federal investigations. Many schools are preparing for the possibility that a newly conservative Supreme Court will take a hard line on the use of race in admissions decisions. The College Board says race is not factored into adversity scores.

David Hawkins, the executive director for educational content and policy at the National Association for College Admission Counseling, said he believed that overworked admissions officers would welcome a more standardized measure of hardship and disadvantage.

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Hawkins said. Adam Mortara, a lawyer for Students for Fair Admissions, which is suing Harvard for what it says are discriminatory practices against Asian applicants, said he saw the adversity measure as a viable alternative to race-conscious admissions. Mortara said, adding that he was speaking for himself, not his client. He said it provided the same context that Yale has been looking at for decades, but does so in a standardized way across schools and applicants that is very helpful. Quinlan said.

He added, however, that while Yale was seeking race-neutral tools for admission, he did not think they were enough to replace the consideration of race in some cases. The adversity score is based on data from the Census Bureau, crime data from the F. On the verge of becoming cashless , most Norwegians don't even carry cash and rely on debit cards, credit cards and mobile payment apps for everyday purchases. Frequent flyers : Norwegians think nothing of hopping on a plane to zip around the country. Some even commute by plane on a weekly basis. The country's geography means travelling by other means, while great for tourism, simply takes too long to be practical for everyday needs.

If you're new to Norway, make sure to sign-up for the frequent flyer programs. Hopefully if you're seriously considering relocating to Scandinavia then you are already well aware that the region is one of the most expensive on earth. Sure, wages tend to be high especially in Norway, but this is more than offset by the higher cost of living. How much money you'll need for a successful relocation can be split into two. This varies depending on the work permit you're applying for, but many unskilled jobs will not pay enough to qualify.

Secondly, the actual costs of moving and your living expenses until you are set up with your Norwegian bank account and regular salary. The biggest expense will be your accommodation, and unless your company offers to help arrange this you can expect to pay up to three months rent as a security deposit.

If you haven't yet made up your mind, spend some time reading about some of the difficulties faced by expats who have made the move. Has this article helped you? If so, you can help us by sharing it on social media. If you use Pinterest, we've got the perfect pin for you:. I really do appreciate all the time and effort you are putting into this!

You are — and have been — answering most all the basics that come to mind…. Can you, at some time in the near future, explain the house and property buying process for foreigners? At 62, it was even suggested I am too old to buy a house?! Here in the U. Very interesting. Dual citizenship is possible if you are born with another citizenship or if you are born with another due to one parent having another citizenship.

To retain Norwegian citizenship one must apply and be in Norway for 6 months before turning One thing not covered is the expense and difficulty of getting a Norwegian drivers license if not from EU. Costs about kroner all told. Foreign license is only valid for 3 months. My 49 year old Norwegian daughter and fam have recently emigrated to Norway and her license is one of her most prized possessions now! She has dual citizenship as have all my children and grandchildren who are each spending a gap year in Norway to retain their citizenship.

Having lived in Oslo for 2 years I really think people need to hear more about the possible disadvantages than advantages of living here.

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  5. My partner and I do not go out clubbing, do not drink alcohol and love nature yet still find living in Oslo somewhat boring. Even though we both have good jobs we still find it expensive to live and the cost of learning Norwegian is quite high. There is alot to love about Norway for sure but if you are two immigrants that have no ties here, it is very hard to settle. We are leaving Norway and I will miss it but I do not see myself staying here longterm.

    Nice but please Am from Ghana and I need a Job there please what are some of the process I need to know? Hello I find it interesting that you dont mention anything about education jobs including working in child welfare and working with kids with special needs including autism and english schools. I was told by a few people in my recent visit to oslo, there is a need for this type of work and americans would be especially welcome.

    Please comment on this matter and how would k i go about finding a job. My partner and I retired and are interested in purchasing a home in Norway so that we can live there part time. Are there rules on none citizens owning property? I lived in Stavanger for 7 years. Just a short version of my pros and cons in case it is helpful for anyone!

    Pros: — Safe, low crime. I never feel threatened. I keep a rod in my car boot and sometimes stop off by the shore if im passing and feel like fishing for 20 minutes. Cons: — The climate is horribile at least in Stavanger. Cold wet and windy ALL year round, not just winter.

    People who say this have probably never actually been outside in Stavanger. They are polite, but thats it. It is therefore possible to feel very lonely here.

    Steps to Success

    If you like towns and cities, there is not a lot going on. Sitting on the sofa with a coffee watching the drizzle out the window is my hobby now. People say Norway is expensive, and it is, but if you earn an average wage here, and are not stupid with your money out partying every night , it is possible to live a good life and save money. This question is a good one. How wheelchair accessible is Norway? Also, what are the requirements for healthcare?

    We are carpenters, mechanics, electricians and artists along with a variety of other talents. Thank you! I am a Norwegian citizen. My wife daughter and I went to Norway for a visit 2 years ago and we realized it was where we belonged.

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