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The quotes are respectful and honest. And you can tell that the people writing them have experienced joys and drawbacks to realise that life is precious. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Gaurav Sudake September 22, at am. Gyanmaan September 5, at am.

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Teresa Trimm July 4, at am. Get up and live life and soon you will be writing quotes of your very own!

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Ba4Wood May 11, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Topics: quotes. You may like Inspirational Quotes. Inspirational Quotes. Villagers learn very quickly that there is no cure for the disease and refuse to have anything to do with the infected. Lao Zhuzhu is a teacher at the now-abandoned village school and the father of Zhao Qiquan, the blood merchant responsible for causing the outbreak.

He decides to make amendments to the villagers on behalf of his unrepentant son by inviting all the infected villagers, including his younger son, Zhao Deyi, to live with him at the village school, where they will look after one another. One day, Shang Qinqin, donning a red jacket, arrives at the school compound to join the small community.

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A few days later, her red jacket is stolen but no one is willing to admit to committing the theft. The villagers come to an agreement that the thief be given a chance by letting him to return the jacket later at night when everyone else has fallen asleep, but no one does so. Instead, a second theft occurs, and this time it is the Village Head who has his precious lifelong diary and some money stolen. This time, Deyi insists that everyone's belongings be searched.

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But instead of finding the Village Head's diary and money, the villagers find Qinqin's red jacket among the belongings of another infected villager, Old Bump. The Village Head's diary was never found. Soon after, Deyi goes to ask the Village Head to come out for his meal, but instead discovers that he has died on his bed, clutching the diary in his hands.

While living at the abandoned school compound, mutual empathy grows quickly between Qinqin and Deyi, for they were both rejected by their spouses after being infected by the fever. Empathy grows into love, as they soon develop an adulterous romantic relationship while still being married to their respective spouses.

Instead of hating and punishing your body, try loving it. Try listening to it.

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Try feeding it, exercising it, resting it and nurturing it in a way that makes you feel at home inside of it. And then love and appreciate it for all the incredible things it is capable of. Seek out mentors. We all need people to look up to. By choosing to surround yourself with those who are doing well in the fields that interest you, you are setting yourself up for success. Allow yourself to be encouraged, inspired and mentored by people much bigger than yourself.

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Be receptive to change. Change is never easy, but more often than not, it is our own mental resistance to it that makes it so damn hard. Let laughter be a priority. Like sharing a glass of wine and a night of ridiculous jokes with the people we love most. Consider carving out time for laughter because it turns out it really is the best medicine.

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Start looking at health holistically. Failing to make time for self-care means failing to make time for your overall sense of wellbeing. Commit to an ongoing education. Master the art of active listening. You have more to learn from others than you think you do. Let yourself dream without restraint.

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Your life may never fully match up with your wildest fantasies — but allowing yourself to engage in them nonetheless can help you realize what you really want in life, and what you ought to be working toward. Choose optimism over cynicism. And by making slightly more positive choices in their everyday lives , they attract more positive results.

Prioritize people.

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When we neglect our social lives, we neglect some of the best opportunities we have available for ongoing learning and growth. By making other people a priority, we make the continuous expansion of our worldview a priority, too. Stop shying away from hard work. In the world of quick fixes and overnight fame, hard work is an underrated skill.

The more we persevere at the things that matter to us, the more our confidence grows alongside our skill set. And that in itself is reason enough to start taking our work ethic more seriously. Minimize your need for instant gratification. In a world that maximizes instant gratification, learn to occasionally forgo your impulses in favour of focusing on what you want in the long-run. The more you realize how dependent you are on digital forms of validation and gratification, the more capable you become of unplugging and focusing on what matters. Spend more time in nature.