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Notify me. Description Francesca Woodman was an American photographer best known for her black and white pictures featuring herself and female models. Many of her photographs show young nude women, blurred by camera movement and long exposure times, merging with their surroundings, or with their faces obscured.

Her work continues to be the subject of much attention, years after she committed suicide at the age of This book focuses on Woodman's late s Roman sojourn, reproducing a selection of her letters and writings from that time, as well as exploring the influence that the classics, in art as well as in literature, had upon her work.

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It also includes a number of pictures taken by her friends that portray the photographer herself, as well as ancillary visual material. This is an intense and intimate portrayal of Francesca Woodman's universe. In even her earliest photographs, we can perceive her constant, penetrating self-examination. Indeed, her work was a direct action to grasp hold of the male gaze, a need to create new versions and realities of herself. Like anyone, but especially as a young woman, I can relate to her attempts to create a world in which she is free from the projections and expectations of an ultimately patriarchal society.

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I think I use art making as a defense for the fact I am always being watched, and it is never with permission. Although each person has their vocation and must try to serve that, I cannot discount my discomfort at being looked at as a motivator for making something for people to look at. It boils down to deflection; it is an attempt to get them to stop looking at me.

More than a distraction, it is shifting the focus and scrutiny to something I can take credit for, something my mind manifested rather than the body it resides in. It is about making space for myself in the universe. In my work I attempt to create a world in which I am freed from scrutiny, where the body looks how it feels to me, loopy and fluid. I do not want them to be defined by the external, and nothing is more external than hair. The majority of students in my BCA were female, but having graduated last semester a large proportion are already pursuing non-art related careers.

We are all attempting to navigate this new digital landscape together and as the image of what a successful artist looks like shifts, the playing field is leveled and the opinion of our educators often fades in comparison to those of our followers. It is undeniable that knowing how to navigate social media is an asset as we enter the workforce. The iPhone has ensured that photography is part of our everyday life, and to flip the camera to yourself is a feature that seems natural. In the s, a self-portrait was a more difficult feat — but most of what Francesca Woodman produced featured herself.

The two artists share themes of introspection and an obsession with self-portraiture that presents them as both vulnerable and elevated.

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Both artists are loved by feminists for living an honest expression of their womanhood in their short lives. Pedicini It seems that this was her personal burden as well as her artistic gift. She created a prolific amount of work, most, self-portraits that each exposed a slightly different side of herself.

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Although the photographs are clearly staged, it feels that we are peering into the intimate moments of her alone time — like the viewer has caught her playing a weird game with herself. Pedicini affirms this:.

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